28 January 2015

Heart Surgery Update: Week Two

Here we are: two weeks post surgery. I’m happy to report I’m doing really well. I thought I would be stuck in bed out of the hospital, but that’s proven to not be the case. With little exception I’ve been up and about this past week. Some days I have more energy, some less; but either way, I’m not stuck in bed. Yeah! The excess water-weight I gained in the hospital (forty pounds) has been disappearing over time. I only have five more pounds to go until I’m back to my pre-surgery weight. Sigh! I struggled for years to keep my weight down, and one trip to the hospital sets me back years!

As of now, I’m still not allowed to drive or return to work. I’m meeting with my surgeon next week to hopefully get work clearance. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve seriously got too much going on to be just sitting around.

Matt continues to impress me with how much slack he’s been able to pick up in my convalescence. He made a super panko chicken dinner Monday night that was delicious -- especially now that my MIA appetite has finally begun to make a come back.

More updates next week.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and well wishes. :-)

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Ric said...

So pleased to hear that you are doing well.