23 July 2012

Malls to the Rescue?

Matt and are I huge supporters of the Arizona Humane Society. If we had more money, we would donate to every organization that helps animals. Animals need help from people because they often cannot help themselves.

An article in our local newspaper today explains how there might be more hope for animals here in the Phoenix metropolitan area and certain other cities across the country. It relates a major decision made by Macerich -- one of the leading owners, operators and developers of major retail properties.

Macerich will no longer rent space to pet stores.

That might not sound like something worthy of a big huzzah, but wait: they are working under the (well supported) theory that a lot of pet stores sell animals (mostly dogs) that originate in puppy mills. Puppy mills are very bad. So, rather than allow stores to sell animals from mills, they will only rent space to stores that adopt out rescue animals! What a great solution!  Now, you don't have to go to one of the few shelters in the area, you can go to your local mall and adopt a great new friend! There are already enough wonderful dogs and cats (and other small animals) that need good homes, why not adopt them out rather than bring new animals into the mix?

You can read more about this humane decision here.

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