27 July 2012

How I Spent Today

Today is my birthday (thank you). My wonderful spouse and I did a whole slew of really fun things -- and I thought it would be neat to share with you how I spent today. (Click photograph to enlarge.)

1: First we went to a dollar store to pick up a few supplies. (To some that might sound like an odd way to start a birthday. Personally, picking up supplies is really keen and I feel better knowing we are well stocked in whatever it is we needed.)

2: ICE SKATING! That's right, we went ice skating.  I used to figure skate competitively when I was a teen and it's been many years since I strapped on the blades. But, I wanted to see what I could remember after all these years (and no, it's not like riding a bicycle: it doesn't all come back to you). But it was fun. Plus, there was a really cute young gay couple there skating and that made my day.

3: To a nearby pet store for cat food (see explanation on item 1).

4: Hardware store to pick up more supplies (see item 1).

5: Discount store for more supplies (blah-blah-blah).

6: Thrift store to look for various and sundry (didn't find anything, hence the lack of a smile).

7: Phoenix Indian School. This site has a special place in my history, as it's the school my grandfather attended. That's right, I'm part North American Indian (despite how white I am). The school opened in 1895 and my grandfather (Jose Martinez) attended from 1910 until about 1917 when he and a lot of other boys left the school early to enlist in the army during World War One. I'm standing at the monument dedicated to the boys from the school who fought (it includes the name of my grandfather). The school closed in 1990 and was converted to a park in 2001. You can read more about the Indian School here.

8: Post office (so Matt could mail some packages).

9: Finally, lunch!  We went to one of our favorite Asian buffet restaurants and had a wonderful meal that included a custom-made tuna roll (sushi) that we loved!

I hope you had a fun day, too!

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