01 July 2012

Between One Cat and One Mouse

Cats and mice make an interesting combination: in nature, they don't usually interact unless it's when one eats the other. In the realm of entertainment, they interact in bizarre and crazy ways unique in the comic world of pairing disparate things (dog and cat, cat and bird, Oscar and Felix).  Why is it that we find it so funny to see cats and mice together?  Who knows.

Here, then, is a small tribute to some of the funniest cat and mouse pairings through history (click image to enlarge):

1913: Krazy Kat and Ignatz the mouse appear in the comic strip "Krazy Kat." They originated as part of the comic strip "The Dingbat Family" (renamed "The Family Upstairs") which began in 1910

1941: Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse appear in their first cartoon "The Midnight Snack." A similar cat and mouse appeared in the 1940 cartoon "Puss Gets the Boot," but with different names

1949: Katnip the cat and Herman the mouse appear in their first cartoon "Mice Meeting You," although Herman originally appeared with others starting in 1944

1990: Scratchy the cat and Itchy the mouse first appear in an unnamed cartoon as part of the episode "There's no Disgrace Like Home" on "The Simpsons." They originated on "The Tracey Ullman Show" starting in 1988

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