10 June 2010

Running Interference

Go ahead: call me weird. We are entering into an 11-year cycle in which solar storms will start to become really active -- and by "really active" I mean so active that they could lash out from the surface of the sun and literally fry satellites which could disrupt all kinds of things on the good old surface of terra firma.

Remember the last time this happened? It was October 2003 and it caused all kinds of problems including the interruption of television signals. Of course, it was not as bad as the 1859 solar storm which is the strongest in recorded history. How strong? It shorted out telegraph wires igniting wild fires and was three times greater than the strongest storm in modern times.

What will happen this time? Who knows? Is this the beginning of the 2012 doomsday scenario (where the Earth blows up or something on 21 December 2012)? Who knows?

Is this going to be cool? Totally!

You can read more about the coming solar storms here, the 1859 solar storm here and see a list of major solar storms in the past 200 years here.

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