13 June 2010

Garden Goodies

It's been 15 weeks since we planted a bunch of seeds and hoped something would sprout. Well, something sprouted, all right, and now our little victory garden is overflowing with gigantic tomato plants ("Day of the Triffids," anyone?), bean plants, onions, carrots and lettuce that is growing so big and fast one almost thinks it's going to pull up its roots and start walking across the back yard. (We also spotted our first yellow pepper a couple days ago, so they are up and coming.)

This photograph shows what we pulled about 15 minutes ago to add to our dinner tonight (grilled shrimp over pasta). We'll add fresh beans and carrot shavings, and Matt will top off his with some green onion (which I cannot eat 'cause I cannot digest it). So, there you have it. Gardening success!

1 comment:

Matt said...

Being diligent with water and maintenance really pays off - thanks to your help!

I'm going to take some of those carrots and make a batch of carrot cookies (similar to what my mom used to do).