24 June 2010

How Dry Is Dry?

You've surely heard the old saying that, in Arizona, it's a dry heat. Generally, that's true -- except during our summer monsoons when the humidity kicks in and makes it a very wet heat, indeed.

Well, you are probably saying to yourself, how dry is dry?

Thanks to our good friends at the National Weather Service, we know that today tied for the lowest level of humidity ever recorded in the Phoenix metropolitan area: 2%. That's right. A measly 2% humidity.

So, on a day where the temperature peaked at 112 113 degrees, our humidity was only 2%.

I know you are asking yourselves what other dates we had such low humidity. Here they are:

08 May 1904
16 May 1907
13 May 1976
21 December 1977
21 April 1979
04 June 1982
27 April 2008
24 June 2010

Now you can impress your friends with this interesting bit of tid.

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