28 February 2010

Vote With Your Money

I just this morning heard about a campaign to encourage people and businesses to move their money out of the country's big, money-grubbing banks and into smaller banks and credit unions. The hope is that these smaller, more community-oriented financial institutions will loan money to the community and not spend it on whoppin' huge ass executive bonuses or expensive Washington lobbyists.

Can there be a better way for the small guy to tell these obscene banks where to put it? I don't think so.

Matt and I are already, unknowingly, part of the campaign. We have our money in a credit union, in accounts we started when we were both working for our two daily newspapers. After we both lost our jobs at the papers, we never thought of moving the money. I liked the idea of a smaller, local financial institution using our savings to help people buy cars and homes. That was neat.

Anyway, we still have our money there, and I encourage you to find a small community bank or credit union in which you can put your savings. I am sure you would rather your money go into the house down the street, than into the mansion across the country.

You can read about the origin of the "Move Your Money" campaign here.

Visit the campaign's website here.

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