14 February 2010

They Are Married, Too!

We never watched the new "Battlestar Galactica" because I grew up on the original and just thought it was sacrilege to redo it. (I heard it was a great series and all, but still....) However, we started watching "Caprica" because I have always been a big fan of shows that seriously attempt to imagine the future. (I understand the whole Galactica world is our past, but it is still futuristic.)

We are going along watching and caught the subtle gay comment in a previous episode (a guy says something like "He was talking to a woman and I was busy trying to pick up her brother") and that totally got our attention.

So, in the last episode we see this guy in a home setting talking with his male spouse (pictured) and all is totally normal and usual -- nothing unusual at all (kinda like at our house) and we are all excited because not only do they have gay characters, the characters are married just like we are! (And, of course, they are both gorgeous, just like we are. Will the similarities never end?)

One of the creative people involved in the show talks about the genesis of the character

So, way to go SyFy (or the original and immensely more logical SciFi)!

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