10 February 2010

The Bowl May Have Been Super...

I thought it was true that, when the economy was in a slump, television commercials got funnier. Apparently not -- especially if the lackluster crop from this year's super bowl was any indication.

Matt and I are always right there with the digital video recorder to capture every last minute of the superest of bowls -- not for any love of the sport (is it basketball? Wait. Give me a minute.); rather, a love of the soon-to-be-iconic, cleverer by half, brillantly witty offerings by Madison Avenue and all points north, south, east and west.

But for 2010? Not so much.

So, with much debate, here is the official list of best super bowl adverts for 2010 (there are only two) and three honorable mentions:


Audi - Green Police
Brilliant parody of the length the eco-minded can go to push their cause (and I am one of them, so I can speak from experience). This one scored extra points because the guy driving the car is cute.

Denny's - Chickens Across America
Who doesn't love screaming chickens? Extra points for this one for the "in space no one can hear a chicken scream" bit. Loved it.

Honorable Mentions

Cars.com - With Knowledge Comes Confidence Liked how the creators of this carried the "my kid's a genius" cliche to new heights. Extra points for the first commerical ever to show the birth of a baby tiger.

Dove - Dove for Men Normally, I am not a big fan of breeder-centric advertising, but I liked how this commercial took every damned cliche about what it means to be a "man," lumped them all together, and skewered them. The product doesn't sound that great (how would soap be different for a man?) but the commercial was fun.

Bridgestone - Whale Tale Bridgestone was a winner two years ago with the screaming squirrel bit (who doesn't love screaming squirrels?) so this one comes to us with a bit of pedigree. However, it was not as funny. I don't know why. I guess I am not a big fan of humans abusing wildlife for their enjoyment. Maybe the punchline was the problem. Dunno.

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