21 January 2010

Yes, They Closed the Airport

I know, I know. The east coast gets blizzards, the south gets hurricanes and the mid-west gets tornadoes. Well, Phoenix gets shit for weather. That's right: shit. Here is the usual weather year in Phoenix: For ten months the weather is: hot today, hot overnight. For six weeks, the weather is: warm today, cool tonight. But, for two wonderful weeks of the year -- right about now, in fact -- the weather forecast includes the word "rain."

So, we're getting three whoppin' ass storms that just left California (number two is hitting today, see image) that our local weather people are characterizing as being of "historic proportions." I know, right? The forecast is that we could get up to six inches of rain today -- just from this second storm. Six inches, big deal. Well, let me remind you that in most years, we get less rain than that during the entire year!

The 60+ mile-per-hour winds accompanying this storm are why they closed Sky Harbor International Airport a couple hours ago. What? Closed the airport? They never close the airport. When was the last time that happened? (26 June 1990, when the temp hit 122 and the airplanes could not take off because their settings did not allow for such a high temp. Seriously.)

Well, here's fingers crossed that our house won't go floating away tonight, or get blown away by the wind!

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