05 January 2010

Hollywood's Best Restaurant?

It's no secret that I love Musso & Frank restaurant in Hollywood. I've been going there, whenever I am in town, since about 1985. It is the closest thing to classic old Hollywood that still exists -- except, maybe, movies.

So, I've been going there forever. One time, I was visiting my BFF in Hollywood, Shirley Wilson, who has been a mover and shaker in, as she says, "La La Land" forever. I mean, she used to work for Edith Head, for crying out loud. Anyway, so one time in the early 1990's I'm visiting Shirley and she knows I love Musso & Frank, so we go there for dinner and sit in one of the booths in the bar side (shown in the photograph).

One of the servers comes by, and I tell him that I am a writer and I love Musso & Frank because I know all the big Hollywood writers from the 1920s and 1930s used to go there. So, this waiter says to me "In fact, you are sitting in F. Scott Fitzgerald's favorite spot!" Well, I guess he took me for some kinda rube from the sticks and probably tells everyone that EVERY seat used to be Fitzgerald's favorite. Whatever. I know Fitzgerald loved Musso & Frank so probably every seat in the place really did used to be his favorite.

This venerable institution just turned 90 years old, and NRP did a nice little story about it, which you can hear here.

P.S. When you go, I totally recommend the chef's salad. Tell them Christopher sent you.

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