06 January 2010

And the Nominees Are

Isn't it always the case that your favorite movie never gets nominated for a damn thing? We were in the cinema watching "District 9" back in September and I turned to Matt and said something like "I sure hope this film gets nominated for an Oscar for something -- even if only for its script -- because it is so different!" I like "different." I hate "same." "Same" is why I hate most Hollywood films because they all are so much from column A and so much from column B with a touch from column C that nothing original ever comes out.

You can just imagine my surprise when the Producer's Guild of America announced its nominations yesterday and "District 9" got a nod -- not for script, but for BEST PICTURE! Now, I know the PGA awards are not Oscars, but wow! Somebody got it. I am so happy for that picture (with which I have no affiliation, other than loving it).

You can read more about the PGA nominations here.

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