08 March 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Okay, a couple weeks ago we had to go to Tempe to meet Matt's family for Matt's brother's birthday dinner (which we do for all three brothers in the family) and we got there and waited and waited for the table and were standing outside in the cold (yes, it gets cold in Phoenix) and I was tired of standing and waiting so I suggested we (Matt and I) walk around a little bit, which we did, and then we walked by this store that had this gorgeous yellow hoodie in the window, which I didn't really need, but I didn't have a nice casual winter-weather coat-like thing, and it was on sale ($5 off) and it was a bargain ($24.99) so we went in and found one that fit like a glove and I took that one off and found one that fit slightly looser (I mean, who wants to walk around looking like a yellow sausage?) and while we were waiting to buy it, behind a pair of gorgeous black women, I started dancing to this really great song playing in the store that I never heard before and I turned and asked Matt (the human Ipod) the name of the song and he knew it (!) and then one of the black girls said "This song makes you really feel like dancing" and she started dancing too, and so there we were, this black woman and I dancing at the checkout counter of this store, and it was really cool, so when we get home I tell Matt he has to find this song for me -- which he did -- and then he discovered that someone had put it on YouTube (because that's, like, so UNEXPECTED) and I totally love it because whomever thought of it was brilliant, and whomever actually made it is totally brilliant and here it is:

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