13 March 2009

Baby Hippo = Lion Food?

So, let me get this straight: some zoos -- when they have baby animals for which they have no room -- kill the baby and feed it to the carnivores. Is that correct?

That's apparently not going to be the case for Farasi (pictured) the baby hippo born last November at the Basel Zoo in Switzerland who has become so popular (voted "Swiss of the year" for 2008) that an outcry has been raised against his impending demise.

You can read more about the uproar created by this cute little baby here.


Viva! said...

Are you kidding, that some zoo's can actually do this?

Christopher said...

I know, right? Apparently, American zoos try to prevent breeding unless the animals are in captive breeding programs. The article says zoos in Europe let the animals breed freely. When they can find homes for the offspring, great; if not, the offspring become tonight's lion dinner.