04 August 2006

Hollywood Hotties

You know, writing about the great Jack Carson yesterday made me start to think about the several actors that really caught my attention when I was a fledgling. I came up with four men who attracted me in several ways -- if you know what I mean -- over the years, and who continue to be something other than average.

The actors are Jack Carson, Ralph Meeker, Wayne Morris and the always dishy Guy Madison (pictured in order, right).

I started thinking: Do I still like them because they were actually talented (which they all were, in one way or another) or because I was somehow attracted to them in those formative years before I really understood what it meant when one man was attracted to another?

Jack Carson was good in everything he did -- notably "Mildred Pierce" (1945) which proved he was an actor with range and talent.

Ralph Meeker has a lot more going for him than a great ass -- truly. Just watch a few minutes of "Kiss Me Deadly" (1955) and you'll know what I mean.

Wayne Morris was good in the early years of his career (the 1930s) especially "Kid Galahad" (1937).

Then there is Guy Madison. Sigh. Guy Madison: dead ten years and still as hot as the day he first appeared in front of the camera ("Since You Went Away," 1944). No one could ever mistake him for a man with talent -- at least, not acting talent. But put him in a pair of Navy pants, and -- wowwee!

So, I guess I answered my question.


Mass Bradley said...

What a great post!
And what a provocative question: do I like 'Actor X' for his true talent (the Highbrow Option) or only because he's a hottie? (the Lowbrow Option)?
I'd suggest it was a personal mixture of both options--
a mix that transcends gay or straight sensibilities, but is just so very HUMAN-- because I'd be hard pressed to truly seperate affection and respect and lust from ANY thing or person or object of emulation.
I'm not sure it is possible.
For example, I lurve ol' Margaret Hamilton-- certainly NOT because she had great legs, but because she drew such vivid characters. And I'd give anything to spend some time with her (er, if she wasn't dust, of course!)-- because I think talented actors are sexy. But you know, if pressed, I'd say that she was MORE sexy than, say, Kay Lenz, who I guess is more classically pretty, but who I find the deepest hack aesthetically.
I dig Malcom McDowell with a steamshovel. I hear he's a true dick in 'real life'. But he's SOOO good onscreen. I'm willing to forgive him anything.
I even have a special place for Wagner, that effin' anti-semite, because the first act of "Das Rheingold' is perfection.
But toss me a vodka-soaked Lindsay Lohan, who whispers, "Let's Go Round The World Tonight, Babe"
and I'll run. I mean, have you seen "Herbie: Fully Loaded"?
Can't do it.
Guess it all boils down to the personal tipping point of taste and respect.
From what I read from your post, you've got both down to a 'T'!

hooligan said...

Jack Carson & Ralph Meeker are two of my favorite actors - they are both very different, but whatever movie they were in, I only wanted to watch them!