07 August 2006

Hollywood Deadies

I assure you, JAC is not turning into another one of those Hollywood blogs.


However, thinking about all those cute dead actors made me think of this
neato website that has everything you want to know about dead Hollywood actors (and a few other people, too).

That, in turn, made me remember this wonderful book Matt gave me a few years ago. Want to know where a famous celeb is buried? It's probably here.

Of course, for the really morbid, turn to "Hollywood Babylon"; or, fitting that there is a sequel, "Hollywood Babylon II".

Then, if you are really gruesome, you could turn to "Death Scenes". (This last one is not for the faint of heart. It has many graphic, often sad, crime scene photographs.)

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Matt Hinrichs said...

FindAGrave.com is another goodie of that ilk.

Look - Jack Carson's grave.