11 June 2006

Meerkat Place

Next on "Meerkat Manor": Will Flower be able to keep her family together? Can Shakespeare survive his injury? And what about Daisy's pups? Will they survive the brutal South African desert? But then, what about Carlos?...

We started watching this wonderful family saga last Friday on Animal Planet, and it is some of the best television this summer.

Cambridge University has been studying the Whiskers, a family of meerkats, for ten years. They have cameras set up around the family's three-square-mile territory and inside their burrows. Cameras follow the meerkats as they forage for food, bicker, breed, and groom. These 30-minute episodes are filled with such drama and interest that they just fly by.

If you want to know more about meerkats (which are not meer cats), here are some links:

Here is some background about the show.

Here you can meet the

Here are other things you can
do -- like take a Meerkat quiz.

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