10 June 2006

I am Sheep, Hear Me "Baa!"

Yes, it's true: I am now one of the Ipod Nationites, spreading through the world rather faster than N5H1 (that's the bird flu). I now not only have my own, personal Ipod, I actually have Itunes, and a bunch of cables.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been using an ipod for nearly three years. It's been filled with a huge number of vintage radio dramas and comedies that I listen to in bed en route to slumberland. (Is that a registered trademark?) Anyway, my dear S.O. has been patient and kind; and been using his Mac to update my Ipod because my stinky old pc could not run the necessary software.

Now, with the advent of my fancy new Dell pc, I can leap forth to the 21st century. Whee!

Not only do I have Itunes and the Ipod updater installed, I actually installed my own Firewire PCI card -- all by my little self! (And it actually works. Go figure.) I am now entrenched in putting all my vintage radio programs on my ipod, cataloguing them cleverly, and organizing them to the nth degree. Organization is good.

The illustration is by none other than me! Yes, it's true! I guess I am not the untalented moron I always envisioned myself to be. (Take that, Picasso!)

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Matt Hinrichs said...

That illustration is hilarious. Baa ram ewe!