27 January 2006

If Hippos and Tortoises Can Do It...

Some good news: Owen (left) and Mzee are still together more than a year after Owen was rescued from the beach just days before the Asian Tsunami waves hit the coast of Kenya in 2004.

The one-year-old male hippo had been separated from his herd, then swept downriver to the ocean. Wildlife rangers found him, and put him in an enclosure with the 100+-year-old tortoise. The pair bonded; and have lived, eaten, and slept together ever since.

"Mzee" means "old man" in the Swahili language.

Thanks to Matt for this story.


James (SIlver Spring, MD) said...

That is great news. I love this story! There was another case recently of inter-species adoption, a dog rescued an abandoned baby in Kenya

Christopher said...

James: That's right. I had forgotten that one. Just add that to the list of "animals save humans" stories through the ages: dolphins protecting swimmers against sharks, the cat that woke its owners to a fire in the house (just last week), the dog (really named Lassie) who helped rescue her injured owner in Queensland, Australia last Tuesday!

James (Silver Spring, MD) said...

And last month, a cat actually dialed 911 when his owner fell out of a wheel chair