04 January 2006

Born a Snob; Will Die a Snob Part One

I don't see a lot of American-made mainstream films.

In Hollywood it's all about making as much money as you can with as little creative input as possible. Remakes, sequels, movies based on 1970s television programs. Okay, whatever. You make it; I don't have to see it.

I do, however, love independent movies. I love foreign films. Why? Who knows. I like stories that deal with human beings. Who they are, why they do what they do and when. I pretty much believe that once you have seen one building blowing up, or one gang member dying in a spray of bullets from a moving car with the thump-de-de-thump of rap music in the background, you've seen them all.

Ya wanna call me a snob? Go ahead. I don't particularly think of myself as a snob; but there you have it.

And now, finally, (could it be true?) it seems like a small piece of the world is catching up with me. For it is this year that, according to Philip Berk, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, for the first time ever, every Golden Globe nominee for best motion picture drama is (gasp!) an independent film (made for less than $30 million, and not by a major studio).

What's next -- hell freezing over?

Speaking of great films, if you want a reliable list of films, make sure to visit the Independent Spirit Awards site. Not only is that award show better and funnier than any other (take that, AMPAS), but they seem to truly honor the art of filmmaking.

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Mass Bradley said...

...Speaking of film-making, we probably could all

agree that most "re-makes" just don't cut it.

Could you name three movies that are RIPE for a RE-

MAKE, and WHY (but have been passed by)?