19 January 2006

By Any Other Name...

Mass Bradley asked: Why was Beaver Cleaver called "Beaver" or (my favorite) "The Beav"?

Thank you for the question, Bradley. There are two explanations.

First, the real one: The show's writer, Joe Connelly, served during the war with a shipmate called "The Beaver." When looking for a name for the television character, he chose that.

Second, the television one: The name was explained in the last episode, "Family Scrapbook." Wally could not pronounce his younger brother's name "Theodore." He pronounced it odd, and the parents switched it a little to make "Beaver."

Almost makes you wish you didn't know, doesn't it?

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Dizzy said...

How is it possible that if I drop a bowling ball and a tomato out of my second-storey window at THE SAME TIME, they will hit the sidewalk at the SAME TIME TOO?
It just feels so counter-intuitive; heavier things fall faster, yes?
Well, WHY NOT?