15 June 2016

Kemo, Kancer, Kardiac, Kidneys

The kancer I have creates mutant protein molecules that gum up the works inside my body -- mostly by attacking various organs, including the kidneys, the liver and the heart. Over time, these proteins will make those organs fail. The kemo keeps these proteins at bay, slowing down their onslaught. I have to visit my kidney doctor and my kardiologist regularly to make sure damage has not begun.

Tuesday, I visited my kidney doctor. He was very pleased on the excellent progress I’ve been making with my kemo. Yeah! Apparently, there is still no damage to my kidneys. Another sign that we caught the kancer early. I recently had an echocardiogram showing there is no damage to my heart. Yeah, again!

Kancer is still sucky, but I guess it’s fair to say I’m in about as good a position as I can be in given the circumstances.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Brother, people react to other people’s cancer in different ways.

Most people do not know what to do or what to say because

cancer scares them or it is new to them. Of course it scares me

because you are my brother, my younger brother, and cancer

is new to me. I think about you often and share your life with

people about how amazing you are. I know you are

intelligent and a strong person so suffice to say, I am here if

you need me. Michael

Oh! For your birthday we can go to any restaurant that the

food does not disgust you. Namaste.