02 May 2015

May Be

Over the years, May has proven to be a bad month for me:
  • my father died in May (on the 20th)
  • our beloved cat, Eames, died in May (the 8th)
  • Joan Crawford died in May (the 10th)
  • I got Valley Fever in May (the 30th)
  • I had my first near-fainting spell in May (the 22nd) that would lead, several years later, to me being diagnosed (just last May, the 15th) with a potentially fatal genetic heart ailment (it’s all better now, BTW). 
What is it with May and me? I understand it’s not an evil month and that it’s all just about probabilities and coincidence. After all, there are only twelve months in a year, meaning any event has a 1-in-12 chance of occurring in May. But still.

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