01 May 2015

Hair of the Dog

And now, ingrown hairs. I guess it would make sense that, when you carve open the chest of a man with chest hair (for heart surgery), that hair follicles would become buried beneath the scar yet continue to produce hairs that cannot pierce the scar tissue. Those hairs keep growing, becoming lodged under the scar, desperately trying to break through something that cannot be broken through. So, out come the sharp pointy things and the tweezers and the alcohol (the sterilizing kind, not the drinking kind) and the surgeon in all of us. I’ve pulled four or five of these recalcitrant hairs out from under the scar, some with only the hair, some still hanging tenaciously onto their follicle. I think there may be three or four more to excise at some point. Sigh! It’s the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it?

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