30 November 2012

Eames and "Mama Cat"

Back in 2006, our wonderful cat, Eames, died of kidney failure from diabetes. He was really the sweetest and smartest cat I had ever known. We were, of course, devastated by his loss; but we decided to turn something sad into something less sad. As you know, Eames was the star of the first book Matt and I did together back in 2003. It's called "Mama Cat" and it's a story of what happens to cats after they die. I wrote it and Matt did the illustrations.

The year after Eames died, we made a substantial donation to the Arizona Humane Society by purchasing two trees for their Pulliam campus. The trees came with dedication plaques. We decided to do the plaque in the name of the book that featured our cat, and used one of the illustrations from the book.

As long-time members of the Arizona Humane Society, we receive their quarterly publication "Paw Prints." The winter edition has a little blurb about the value of gifts to the society. The blurb includes a photo of one of the plaques we did for one of our trees (see photograph). We were both quite surprised and pleased to see them use our plaque in their publication, and in being able to remember our wonderful cat, Eames. A few years ago we purchased two more trees, each with plaques for our current dog Aalto, and our current cat Eero (herself, a humane society rescue).

We are very proud of our continuing involvement with an organization that helps animals. Matt and I hope you will consider contributing to your own local animal organization this year.

There is a famous old saying that I love that says a society is defined by how it helps those who cannot help themselves. I like to think our society is defined by all those wonderful people who help animals either in a company way or a personal way. Animals enrich our lives. I can't imagine mine without them.

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Arizona Humane said...

Thanks so much for thinking of us. We're so proud to Eames' Trees on our campus