17 November 2012

A Lick of Paint, Indeed

Let me start out by saying I have no affiliation with Walgreens -- your neighborhood drug store -- other than shopping there on occasion.

Today we dropped in to the store near our house and what we found was a remodeled interior that blew my mind. We were only there for a few minutes but I kept saying "Wow! Look at what they've done!" The store went from stodgy old and dank to sparkling new and very 21st century. We didn't have our camera with us so I didn't get pictures, but I did find a photograph online that shows some of the changes. They have these gorgeous blue walls with white lettering, white walls with blue lettering, beige wood panels around the pharmacy, and these totally wicked hanging light fixtures. Wow! I was very impressed. (And Matt will tell you I'm not often or easily impressed.)

I couldn't find any details online about how many or which stores are being remodeled; but I certainly hope the store near you gets a facelift as great as this one!

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