19 May 2012

Meet Me at Clifton's!

As I have written before, I love cafeterias -- not school cafeterias (ick), rather adult cafeterias, the kind where you go in, grab a tray, push it along gleeming steel rails past whole roasts, whole hams, big steaming pans of mashed potatoes and lots of little plates each bearing its own piece of cherry pie. Can life get any better than that?  Really?

I have written before of my love of one of the best and most famous cafeterias in all of history: Clifton's on Broadway in downtown L.A. which opened in 1935. We love it so much we made a special trip there on our L.A. adventure in 2009.

I have also written about how it was under new management and people had a lot of high hopes that it would be restored to its former glory.

Well, I am VERY happy to report that the renovation is going well. Workers have removed the international-style facade installed in the 1960s and revealed the building's original face (see photograph).

Will we be going back to Clifton's once it reopens?  You can bet on it!

You can read my original post on Clifton's here.

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You can read about the renovation here.

You can enjoy a great site with lots of photographs of the interior just prior to the start of renovation here.

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