03 May 2012

Free Summer Reading: My New Book!

Just in time for summer reading, I have published my third book: a collection of short stories called "Forever -- and other stories."  It's a pretty interesting collection of eleven short stories -- many of which are based on events that actually happened.  Included are:

The Little Books That Ran Away a story for children about what happens to books that are not appreciated

A Walk in the Evening Fog about a man blinded in an automobile accident many years before

An Untitled Life about the secret family history a grandmother reveals to her grandson

Reflections in a Broken Mirror which takes place in the last second of the life of a man who has just cut open a vein in his arm

The Thickness of Blood about a young man who has to make a painful decision

Forever a story of two souls that continue meeting in one life after another.

Plus five more! (Several stories include adult content.)

And I am offering this collection of short stories as an ebook free during the month of May!

Go to "Forever -- and other stories" at Smashwords:

Click to add this book to your cart (you'll need to create a free account if you do not already have one).

When you get to checkout, enter this coupon code:  NZ83R

This should let you acquire a copy free.  Feel free to pass on this coupon to anyone you think might enjoy some interesting summer reading (or, for my friends in the southern hemisphere, some nice winter reading!).

Once again, the fab cover is by my spouse Matt -- who is just too talented for his own good.  :-)

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