14 September 2010

Somewhere There's a Hat

We've been loyal and happy subscribers with Netflix since 2000 -- about a year after they started their subscription service. It was Matt's idea. I was hesitant not because I didn't like them; rather, we already had a VHS and cable service. What did we need DVD rental for?

Of course, my attitude has changed since then. Not only is Netflix the best thing that we ever did entertainment-wise, it continues to be an important part of our entertainment planning. In fact, ever since we went off satellite (only digital broadcast for us, now) we are streaming even more from Netflix -- along with getting discs in the mail.

Slate recently did a nice profile of the naysayers who have predicted the demise of Netflix for years. This came as a surprise to me because I just cannot see any negative element of this great service. You can click here for an interesting review of the premature obits written for Netflix.

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