28 September 2010

How Much Do You Know?

I am not religious, never have been and most likely never will be. I have, however, researched most of the major religions just to become familiar with them. I mean, religion runs about 99% of the world (despite what you may think to the contrary) so I thought I should at least know something about it.

In the news today were the results from the recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center. It quizzed 3,412 people on various elements of their own and other religions. Interestingly, the people who provided the most correct questions were atheists (lacking a belief in a god or gods) and agnostics (skeptical about the existence of a god or gods). Maybe they are like me wanting to find out as much as possible about the world around us rather than people who are content to go with what they are told.

You can do a short version of the quiz (with 15 random questions) here. How many can you get correct? I got 14 out of 15 (I would have had all of them if I hadn't changed my mind on one).

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