05 August 2010

They're in Color!

I am always amazed by color photographs and film from the 1930s and 1940s. I mean, we watch so many old movies and read so many histories and biographies that feature only black-and-white photography that one can forget they actually had color back then.

My totally awesome friend Brad in Massachusetts sent me the link to a fascinating web site that features color images by photographers of the Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information. They are some of the only color photographs known to exist that show people living during the Depression.

Of course, they are fascinating in themselves; but I am so intrigued to see that dresses were actually in color, and buildings were not just gray. Of course, I know they were in color -- but what colors were popular in the late 1930s? What colors were buildings? Cars? Shoes? Airplanes (like the B-25 bombers, pictured)?

It's a really engaging site that you can find here.

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