22 August 2010

Nearly Perfect

Is it just me, or is this house (pictured) gorgeous? I have long been drawn to mid-century-modern design -- whether it is art, furnishings, or the buildings themselves. I love the clean symmetry, the spare use of color, the neatness of the whole thing.

This house, designed by architect Steve Hermann and built in Montecito, California is just another example of the continuing influence of the great mid-century design aesthetic.

Of course, the house is not perfect: it's too big (nearly 14,000 square feet), wastes a lot of space with an indoor "garage" (that would be much better suited to an indoor swimming pool) and has a kitchen that is much too big. Those aside, I like it. What really sells me are the glass walls and the 360-degree view of nature from within. Gorgeous!

You can read more about the house here.

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Katie said...

It's not just you! This house is gorgeous, I love mid century design. I am looking at buying a mid century home in the Palm Springs area, which to me is the city with the best mid century design. I hope to find a house as gorgeous as this one.