24 December 2009

They Should Call it "Obvious-atar"

It is funnier than words can say that some people are making a big fuss about the "hidden" messages in "Avatar." Hidden? These "messages" could not be more obvious even if James Cameron himself were standing in front of each viewer slapping him in the face saying "LOOK! HERE'S THE MESSAGE!"

Anti-war? Obviously.

Pro-environment? Obviously.

Patronizing that a "white man" comes to save the indigenous population? Sure, a little bit.

Hidden? No way, man!

You can read the latest "revelation" about the hidden messages here.

(Post script: The author of this piece sure must think people are idiots. I mean, it is not like trying to decipher the actually hidden references in something like "Citizen Kane" for example. I sure hope this is not an example of the level of intellectual thinking that we find in younger people. If it is, we are all doomed!)

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