04 December 2009

A Bit of "Flash"

When we took the all-day tour of the Warner Brothers Studio in October, we got to walk around many behind-the-scenes areas: the huge costume house, the set department and the massive prop storage area. When our guide was wandering off telling others on our tour of the famous movies in which certain WB props appeared, I happened to notice a set piece reserved for a television show that had recently made its debut: "Flash Forward."

I told Matt to take a photograph of the piece and a close up of the identification tag. "Why do you want that?" he asked. "So we can look for it in an upcoming episode and I can do a blog entry about it."

Well, the piece appeared in last night's episode in the scene where Zoey goes to visit the mother of her apparently-soon-to-be-dead fiancé, Dimitri.

Click on the photograph. Above, you will see the cabinet at the WB prop house and a close up of the ID tag. Underneath, behind Zoey, you will see the same cabinet.

Isn't Hollywood cool?

1 comment:

Matt said...

Hollywood is cool. I'm surprised ABC made the effort to rent out this cabinet from Warner Bros, since it was all out of focus in the background in the final scene.