25 November 2009

It Was a Big Bang, Indeed

Long story short, we had been trying since, like, May, to get free audience tickets to a taping of "The Big Bang Theory" (pictured) at the Warner Brothers' studio in Burbank.

We love that show -- for many reasons: the writing, the character mix, the fact that the show makes "smart" look good. I love it for my own reason: that there are finally characters on television who are a lot like me. Yes, I mean smart and geeky. I am proud to be smart. I stopped apologizing years ago for being smarter than people around me. (For many years I actually played dumb to fit in. Then, I finally got fed up pretending to be stupid.)

Anyway, we had been trying to get these tickets online -- yet they literally disappear within minutes of becoming available. So I checked and checked and kept checking -- we even asked some friends in the industry to help out. Nothing.

But then, we finally got them and they were for the taping last night.

And it was good.

And life continues to be good.

Yes, being in the audience to see the taping of "The Big Bang Theory" is, like, one of the greatest things that could ever possibly happen.

It was the xmas episode. It features Leonard's mom (the totally awesome Christine Baranski). It is funny. (Like, duh!) We had a blast. We got pizza. We got chocolate. Could it have been any better?

Oh, wait: yes it could. We lingered after the taping and were able to meet and get autographs from nearly everyone in the cast (I am talking to you, Jim Parsons) including Chuck Lorre, the show's executive producer. And, yes, I even got a brief moment with Kaley Cuoco, the show's real star. She autographed our trip journal and added a little "heart" shape above her name. Wow!

After, we walked from the studio to the original Bob's Big Boy on Riverside in Toluca Lake and shared an original Bob's Big Boy hamburger, fries and a shake, then walked back to our hotel.

Yes, it is all true.


Jennifer said...

Just an FYI: I've heard that Parsons used to go out for autographs and such, but around the 2nd half of season two, he was getting mobbed. That's why he no longer goes out there.

Kate Harper said...

I had a hard time getting tickets but was able to do it earlier this month. Wrote about it on my blog.(below) Even after getting the tickets, flying down, renting car and hotel we were told we may not get in after standing in line for an hour (i guess they over book) Luckily we did get in.

Christopher said...

I should add that we live in Phoenix; so we, too, had to accept the expense of airfare and hotel and hope with fingers tightly crossed that we would actually be admitted. However, we arrived at the studio two hours before taping (they suggest one hour) and got in -- even though there were like, three dozen people already there!

Christopher said...

Jennifer: Cannot say I am surprised Jim would want to avoid being mobbed; however, only a few die-hards lingered for autographs -- Matt and I and about a dozen high school girls. He certainly could have waited a while and then come out to do a few autographs. I mean, really: without fans who are you?

Jennifer said...

But that implies that he's waiting backstage after working a long day, a long week on the off-chance that there will only be a few out there. For all we know, something pretty overwhelming may have happened that caused him to stop doing it. At other events, he's always gracious, always stops and goes above and beyond the call of duty in greeting fans, so clearly there is a very real and particular reason why he doesn't do it at the tapings anymore.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me Sheldon doesn't hookup with anyone...

Christopher said...

Anonymous: Well, the executives at Warner Brothers did not swear us to secrecy, so, I think it will be alright to tell you this: there is kissing -- and Sheldon IS involved.