14 November 2007

In One End...

Okay, so here's the story: Tuesday I had my "Well Man" exam at the doctor. For the women reading this, that involves a lot of attention to the parts of a man that make us different than you.

Part of the exam involves the insertion of a gloved finger rather far into a rather sensitive area of the man's physical presence. The point of the exam is to feel the size of the prostate gland (if it is enlarged, it could mean trouble). My prostate is of normal size, thank you.

While up there Tuesday, my doctor felt a little something that should not be up there (no jokes, please), and suggested a colonoscopy -- a procedure usually reserved for men considerably older than me (okay, two years older than me), unless there are
symptoms. I have none of these symptoms.

Right after that suggestion, the doctor virtually tripped over himself attempting to convince me that "it's probably nothing." I told him it was okay: whether it is something or not, I would rather find out as soon as possible. If it's nothing, great; If it's something, then we've probably caught it early enough to do something about it.

No waiting around month after month, year after year before having it checked only to find out it could have been cured if I had just come in earlier (like my dad). Nope. Go in, check it out, cut it out, whatever you need to do.

Will update you when I know more. :-)

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