27 November 2006


We watched an otherwise wretched show the other day on HGTV:

"Toy Fair 2006" originated at some huge venue in New York City, and featured the kind of garbage that passes for "toys" nowadays.

Okay, there was one really keen toy: the newly redesigned "Ken," of Ken and Barbie fame (pictured); but most of the "toys" were just expensive, many-batteries-required junk that will be played with for about five minutes on xmas morning and then junked.

That general criticism aside, one thing that really pissed me off was the blatant sexism by the show's hosts (who, out of respect for people who did not have the advantages I had growing up, will remain unnamed): the football games were "for the boys" and the computer software fashion design program was something "every girl would love."

In this modern day and age, why is it that people continue to insist boys do activities related to sports or the military, and girls do computer programs about make-up? Why are we still such a sexist society? Why do we still insist on screwing up so many people by forcing them to play roles that just maybe they don't want to play?


Matt Hinrichs said...

I get the impression that the toy industry is in a "sexist" phase right now. Toys that are obviously "boy" or "girl" are hot right now, but eventually the tide will turn to more inclusive gender-neutral toys. I hope so, anyway!

I agree that those hosts needed to go back to the late night "Hits of the '80s" CD informercial that they obviously came from.

Mass Bradley said...

I know things were getting weird when my Major Matt Mason doll ("Mattel's Man In Space", remember?) became an "Action Figure"...
And don't even get me started on ol' GI Joe...