10 November 2006

11/10/2006 - Welcome to the Afterlife

Okay. Here we are.

According to that supermarket tabloid, the world as we knew it ended yesterday. So, I am presuming this to be the "afterlife" -- which seems surprisingly like the "old" life we used to lead.

I have not yet seen any of my dead loved ones, I do not hear any har
ps or flutes, and the air pollution today is kinda bad. So, is this heaven? hell? purgatory? I can't really tell.



Mass Bradley said...

If this is The Afterlife, why is my ass still so fat?
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I made banana bread, and it was very yummy!

hlhctv said...

Hi Christopher,
Just to let you know, my biorythms must be off. I died on Friday. Or maybe the tabloids were just a little ahead of themselves (you know how they are).
Anyway, I am now Madame Curie, or Marie Antoinette, I'm not sure, but I know which one I prefer.

Hope y'all are well. I have an invitation to a wonderful arts concert for you that I will send if you will email me hlhctv@cox.net
You will love it, and find faith that the world is not coming to an end, but that there are true young performing artists here in Phoenix, no less.
Warm wishes for a good harvest!