03 October 2006

Butterflies Are Not Free

Here you will find an interesting article about a man who researches Monarch butterflies trying to help them survive.

You know I love animals -- all kinds of animals; but especially those animals whose lives are threatened by the accidental (or intentional) things humans do to them or their environment.

I was born and raised in Phoenix. I remember being a child in the 1960s; and how, during Spring, the citrus trees in our backyard used to be full of butterflies -- I think, Monarchs. Who cares? They were gorgeous, and I loved watching them, and their eggs, and the larvae and the cocoons, etc. Now, in Spring, we are lucky if we see one Monarch or even a dozen other butterflies.

I am part North American Indian, and I very much value the Indian attitude that we are care-takers of the world. It is a world that is much less beautiful with fewer butterflies in it, and we humans are a poorer species because of it.

A very extensive history of these gorgeous creatures can be found here.

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