09 September 2006

Trekking Through Time

Another anniversary: It was 40 years ago yesterday that one of the most influential television shows in my life made its debut: "Star Trek" -- the first, the best.

I would have just turned seven years old. I always loved watching science fiction movies and television (not reading sci-fi books, though); so I was ready for this "'Wagon Train' to the stars."
Of course, I remember the early episodes, how hot William Shatner (pictured) looked back then, the way-cool special effects.

Mostly, though, I remember having to sneak out of bed at night and into my parents' bedroom to watch it on the tiny portable black-and-white television we had then. This was probably after the show had been exiled to the Siberia of Friday nights (may have been the last season) when it came on after my bed time.
Well, I loved it. None of the later shows quite recreated the appeal of those early chunky, clunky episodes.

Other shows that had me as a kid were "Outer Limits" (yessiree!) and "Mission: Impossible" (totally). I am so glad I am old enough to have been there when these things were new, and television was consistently good (well, better).

More about the "Star Trek" anniversary will be found here.

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