24 September 2006

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Happy National Punctuation Day

Yes thats right Today is the day the entire world celebrates punctuation or rather it should

You will note that this web log entry is being made entirely without the benefit of punctuation Do you notice the difference

I am doing this because I fear one day punctuation will go the way of shorthand something everyone has heard of but no one knows how to do any more

With text messaging email and the general mess called the United States education system its my guess that punctuation will be a cute anachronism in about fifty years if not sooner

Please do not misunderstand Teachers are two or three of the countrys genuine heroes and I do not fault them at all for the level of ignorance in their students

As a writer punctuation is very important to me I love punctuation I love colons and semi colons and all those other things that help words mean more and more accurately

Here is a link to one of my favorite comedians and one of his best routines yes Victor Borge and his Phonetic Punctuation courtesy of the ever wonderful Internet Archive This is a QuickTime file

More about National Punctuation Day will be found here

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Mass Bradley said...

Hee hee you made me laugh with your excellent post
My other concern in these days of text messaging and email is that our youngsters are not speling thangs properlee
(But thats unothr storee)(!)