27 July 2006

And Now, Birthdays

So, anyway, today is my 47th birthday. Other than not having died yet, it's no big accomplishment making it through another year -- which is why I don't make a big deal out of it. Me, I prefer to celebrate every day -- be thankful every day for everything that is good in my life. Why wait and only celebrate once a year when you get a new chance every day?

This really great illustration was one of the fab presents given to me by my wonderful Significant Other, Matt. He's an artist. He's really good. This is one of the reasons I keep him around. It's of our recently-deceased kitty Eames who died in May after a long and fruitful 16-year life, sitting -- like he loved to -- surrounded by the bachelor's buttons and California poppies in our backyard every spring. Isn't it great?

The illustration is available at Matt's CafePress store.

Another gift was the Sleepy Kitty throw pillow also available at CafePress. It bears an illustration from Mama Cat the children's book Matt and I wrote about Eames a couple years ago.

Clearly, I miss my kitty.


hlhctv said...

Happy Birthday Christopher!
I hope you both have a lovely celebration planned. Toast to a marvelous new year!

Ryan said...

Happy birthday! Hope the day is splendid.

mass Bradley said...

Congrats on your continued excellence as you wend your way through life!
Don't forget--47 is the new 37!
Love, brad

Matt Hinrichs said...

I'm glad you liked the gifts -- happy birthday!