28 December 2014

The Other One

A few years before I met my spouse, Matt, I met the perfect man for me. It was a casual, work-related meeting that sent me spinning. He was gorgeous, smart, funny, loved theater as much as I did. We clicked immediately. I had been so busy with work, and so disappointed at the fish in the ocean, that he became the first guy I dated in about ten years.

We started seeing each other, going out, spending time together. He told me he loved me, he wanted to be with me, that I was the one for him. I felt exactly the same way. I thought this was it. For the first time ever, I thought this was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

We dated a couple months, then one day, over lunch, he said the following: “I hope I haven’t said anything that would make you think we had a future together.” What do you say to that? I was devastated. I crashed so low I didn’t think I would ever get up again. I found out he had been dating someone else at the same time he was dating me. He invited me to their “wedding” in a couple weeks. They exchanged rings and had a commitment ceremony (sans me).

A while later, he called and told me they had broken up, and that he’d been thinking of me and wanted to see me. Well, what do you say to that? I told him I was genuinely sorry his other relationship had failed (I was), and for him to call me next week and we’d do lunch.

He never called.

A few years later I met Matt, who turned out to really be the perfect man for me.

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