15 January 2013

"The Babi Makers"

My newest novel is now available. Called "The Babi Makers," it's a science fiction offering about a future society where the major industry is the assembling of babies.

The story takes place on Nové, where there is no war, hunger, or conflict of any kind. It's a "happy life ever" on this utopian world where balance has finally been achieved after all life was nearly extinguished during The Fall. Babies are the most important resource on the planet. The main character, Hiperyan, works in the babi industry, assembling babies. Her life is perfect. Her virile mate, Dion, is ideal. But she's been feeling a little sick, of late, with a mysterious illness new to the healers she visits. Concerned when the healers begin to die in a series of "accidents," Dion teams with his best friend, Conr, to take action. They eventually discover that Hiperyan's illness may jeopardize not only their lives, but all of Nové.

I'm pretty excited, as it's my first foray into science fiction after spending years writing historical fiction.

If you read it, I would love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to leave a comment here or on the book's Amazon page. You can access the book here: Ebook. Paperback.

[In case you don't already know, the fantastic cover for this and all my other novels was done by my ultra-talented spouse, Matt.]

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