18 November 2011

A Little Less Evil in the World

Long before the United Nations began searching for Iraq's WMDs (weapons of mass destruction), I had my own WMD -- WalMart, McDonald's and Disney. This WMD is what I consider the axis of evil. WalMart for how they treat their employees and the suppliers; McDonald's for the crap they put on their menu; and Disney for their overbearing presumption that they own everything on the planet and, by extension, can alter history any way they damn please ("Pocohantas" anyone?).

While I am still not a huge fan of McDonald's, I have to give them credit for their quick action in ceasing business with Sparboe Farms -- which had been a major suppier of eggs to the food empire -- because of the way they treat their chickens and possible contamination of the eggs.

If you want to know more about the investigation that led to the decision by McDonald's, you can watch two programs tonight: 20/20 and World News with Diane Sawyer.

If they show the footage they aired this morning on Good Morning America, you should exercise caution because the way the birds are treated and caged is disgusting and unacceptable.

If you would rather read about McDonald's courageous (and appropriate) reaction, you will find an article here.

Thank you, McDonald's, for setting a great example by doing the right thing.

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