22 May 2011

Notes From Heaven!


Well, the world ended yesterday and I guess I was one of the lucky ones taken to heaven!

Interestingly, heaven pretty much looks just like the place on earth where I lived. In fact, the entire house came to heaven with me -- so did Matt, our dog Aalto and our cat Eero (so I guess that answers the question of whether pets are allowed into heaven). Looking out the window I see that the entire street where I lived was transported to heaven, as well as a big chunk of our neighborhood.

What's really neat is we still get television reception from earth and the internet is working -- which is how I am able to make this blog entry. The news stations are not showing any of the suffering going on back down on earth. This is probably because heaven is supposed to be all nice and everything, so they are not allowing coverage of the carnage going on during the five months of "hell on earth" that is currently engulfing the planet I once called home.

Will I miss the earth? Probably; but it seems that heaven is filled with all the comforts of my old home so I probably won't miss it long.

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