28 February 2011

Jane Russell RIP

Jane Russell (1921 - 2011)

When Jane Russell and I spent some time together on a couch: In March 1991, I was covering a fundraiser for my newspaper. It was at some fancy private house, probably in Scottsdale. The chairwoman of the event was Russell.

I had arranged in advance to have an interview with her; so, when I arrived, the host told me to have a seat on the couch and that Russell would be there shortly. A few minutes later she walked into the living room -- making a grand entrance just for me. Although there was plenty of room on the couch, she sidled up next to me close enough that I could have easily handled her two most famous assets. She probably thought she was giving me the thrill of my life, not realizing I was gay. Yes, it was a thrill to meet and interview her, but most likely not for the reasons she thought. She was very nice and gracious and gave me her autograph and a great interview. (Side note: I sat next to Gene Autry at dinner. I got his autograph, too. That was a hoot!)

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