09 December 2010

Another Hollywood Cover-Up?

If there is one thing I have learned in my years of research and reading about early Hollywood, it is that image was everything -- and many people in Hollywood would do anything to preserve a good image. There's the case of Clark Gable who, in the very early years of his stardom, is widely believed to have been driving a car that accidentally killed a pedestrian in an act that was covered up by his studio; then there's William Haines' homosexuality that was covered up by his studio until such time as it was convenient to "out" him to wiggle out of their contract with him. Those are just two of what must be thousands of examples.

New to the list, it appears, is the recent murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, murdered on 16 November 2010.

While no one knows why she was murdered, for weeks, the talk was all about it having been a professional hit. You have probably seen the interview with that retired policeman (detective?) who said that, despite all the years he handled a gun and the many times he had to be certified in using a gun, there was no way even he could have fired five shots sideways (through a window from a moving car) and hit someone so precisely.

Then suddenly, this "person of interest" pops up and (ahem) kills himself just as police are approaching to question him.

So, was he the "hit man"?

On the morning of 06 December 2010 the police issued a statement that the gun he used to kill himself was NOT the gun used to kill Chasen. Then, the very next afternoon, the story changed: now police are sure the gun was the same, they had their man, the case was closed. (See image; click to enlarge.)

Does that strike you as rather odd? It does me.

How could some guy who spent years in jail have ridden up to Chasen's car (on a bicycle, no less), opened fire and hit her five times in such a manner so exact and precise that not even a seasoned law officer could recreate? How is it possible the story could have changed so much so quickly?

First they say his gun was not a 9mm gun (like that used to kill Chasen) then they say it is. Doesn't a police officer know the difference? And then, what happened to the black SUV seen next to her car shortly before the shots were fired?

No, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but this entire turn of events seems very "Hollywood" to me. Someone's image is being protected. It would be interesting to know whose....

You can read the "gun not likely" article here.

You can read the "gun appears to have been used" article here.

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