14 November 2010

Who Speaks for God?

CBS News Sunday Morning this morning had an interesting overview of an event that happened 60 years ago today: the integration of public schools in New Orleans.

While I found that story interesting, I was more intrigued by a sign held by a protester in one of the vintage news clips shown. That sign read "God Demands Segregation."

There are certain people who always seem to know what their god is thinking. They say he/she/it demands segregated schools, or hates homosexuals, or insists people of different races cannot intermarry. After September 11, 2001 Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson said the attacks happened because Americans tolerate gays and lesbians. This means, conversely, that their god allowed or instigated the attacks on Americans -- which seems pretty harsh. How do these people know what their god is thinking?

Sixty years later, the world is even more integrated. Shouldn't this mean their god is even more pissed off now than in 1950 when that six-year-old black girl walked up the steps of that school? People are living in harmony-ish around the world, black and white people not only go to school together, they even marry each other. Black people drink from the same water fountains as whites; they sit at the same lunch counters as whites; why, they even sit at the front of a bus with whites. And, of course, Mexicans and Japanese and Chinese and whites intermingle in airports, and restaurants, and drive on the same roads.

Does their god demand segregation? Apparently not.

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